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Helping people on a mission to shake up their industry, sell with integrity and create the change they were born to make

Your business is your life’s work. Your purpose.

You have a wealth of knowledge inside your head, and you’re incredible at what you do.

You believe things in your industry can be done differently. Better.

And you’re here to make that change.

Perhaps though, when you've tried to promote your services in the past, you've realised that many common marketing tactics don’t align with your values.

They don't allow you to connect with your readers and speak to your audience from a place of honesty, integrity and respect.

Luckily, we can do things differently!

With Conscious Communication.


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Respect belongs in online marketing

Conscious copywriting is more than just feel-good marketing

  • It’s about showing respect to our readers and speaking (and selling) to them in a way that reflects that.
  • It’s about actively choosing not to use many of the common persuasion and manipulation marketing tactics.
  • It’s about consciously deciding what kind of marketing we’re putting into the world, aiming to mitigate harm to our community in the process.
  • It’s about creating content that is in alignment with our vision and values, allowing people to make empowered purchasing decisions.
  • But ultimately, it’s about honestly and courageously sharing the depths of our work. 

You don’t need to rely on manipulative marketing tactics because your work is the selling point.

Ready to make magic?

Let me show you how...

Copywriting Service

Conscious Copywriting for Disruptors and Change Makers

What’s special about your work and approach is that they’re uniquely… yours.

No one else in the world can provide your clients with the exact experience and knowledge that you do.

No one else has the same education, expertise or life story.

No one else has the same commitment and drive for change in your industry.

And sometimes it’s easy to take those things for granted, making it difficult to put your unique you-ness into words.

That’s what I’m here for…

I’m here to dive deep into your world, to transcribe the wisdom of your brain, research your customers and market, and then piece it all together… like magic.

You in?

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Dr Sophie Brock

Motherhood Studies Sociologist

“Mirna didn't just exceed my expectations, she soared past them.

The entire process of working with Mirna has been a fantastic experience. Initially I was hesitant in hiring a copywriter because language and the expression of ideas is so important to me as it's the foundation of my work as somebody who teaches information and conceptual ideas as my profession. I honestly didn't think I'd find anyone who would write in a way I was satisfied with and happy to use under my name.

But Mirna didn't just exceed my expectations, she soared past them. She took the time to get to know me, my purpose, my business, my clients, my message, my offerings, and my vision. Mirna took what felt to me like an entanglement of ideas, untangled them piece by piece, then intentionally and artfully weaved them together to create a powerful but beautiful sequence that encapsulates my ideas and work.

The entire process of working with Mirna was a pleasure, and it was also helpful to me as a creator and business owner in distilling my message and offerings.”

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Meet your copywriter

Hi! I'm Mirna, a Conscious Copywriter who believes that selling services AND selling in integrity are important.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve learned everything from content marketing to conversion copywriting. The problem I found is that it all seemed to lean on the same principle: If you can get people in a specific emotive state, you can sell stuff to them, whether they really need it or not

That approach didn't align with my values, and it certainly wasn’t how I wanted to show up in the world – or in my business. I knew that if we really wanted to create an impact with our businesses, we had to start with changing the very first interaction we have with our customers online (our content) and in so, slowly making the marketing world a better place.

Once I made a commitment to sell differently, I have been unlearning so much of what I had spent years learning. For myself and for my clients, but also for humankind. 

But Conscious Copywriting goes beyond just leaving out manipulative sales tactics. It’s about intentionally highlighting the absolute brilliance of your work - and using that as your sales technique. Which is why I love working with change makers, like you. You’re already showing up to make a difference in people’s lives. I’m here to help clarify and verbalise it for you.

If you want to find out more about how I can help you, view my services. Or if you want to read more about my personal story, head to my about page.

My Methodology

The Impact Marketing Method

This methodology is the cornerstone of my projects. Here's how it works...


We talk about your business, where it is now and where you want it to go. We also dig deep into your offer/s and your why so I can really connect with what you do and how you do it.

This is where the magic starts.

Once I put myself in your shoes and learn everything about your brand, I’m able to translate that knowledge into copy from a fresh and unique perspective.


I dive into your work, your industry and your current content - social captions, newsletters, website and any other marketing content you have. I gather information about your audience by going through your reviews, testimonials and customer enquiries to conduct Voice of Customer research.

I immerse myself in your world before I bring your content together. This deep dive forms the foundation, strategy and language for your copy.


I bring it all together into conscious communication that’s in alignment with you and your business. Because of the work I do in the first two phases, the final copy not only sounds like you but also embodies your values and has genuine meaning, to you and your community.

You can share your new website, emails or sales page with the world and feel confident to go and make the big impact you’re here to create.

Ready to see how I can help you clarify your message and your offer?

More happy clients...

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Michelle Scurry

Owner, Academy of Cosmetic Tattoo Australia

“Asking Mirna to be my copywriter - hands down, one of my best decisions.

Initially I wondered how necessary a copywriter was for my website but I am so glad I chose Mirna and am super delighted with the work she completed. Mirna took the time to research and familiarise herself with my business, its needs and my competitors, which now helps my business stand out!

The copy is professional, the quality of the writing is exceptional, and this project has helped to guide the development of my website. Mirna was supportive and kind, I enjoyed the entire experience and would recommend her without any hesitation."

Amanda & Robyn

Owners and founders, Mayella Organic

"Mirna was an absolute breath of fresh air in the copywriting field!

We have had the joy of working with Mirna over a period of several years, initially a deep dive into creating some needed infrastructure around our brand and marketing then ongoing services.

Where do we start…perhaps with the fact that Mirna was an absolute breath of fresh air in the copywriting field! Intention, ethics, value of focus, structure, vision, ROI, all encompassed the processes of working with Mirna in achieving our goals and communicating our brand. She brought out the best in us to bring out the best in our brand and share that with our community. Both a professional and personal relationship we are blessed to embrace ongoing."

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