About Page Spruce-Up

A service to spruce up your About Page so you can talk about yourself and connect with clients (cringe-free!)

“Talking about myself isn’t something I’ve ever been good at

I’ve written something for my About Page, but I’m not sure if it’s right

I don’t know if I’ve included too much irrelevant information or if it’s too silly

or not silly enough (because that’s me!)

I mean, I know what’s supposed to go there, but I can’t seem to write one good sentence!”

If writing your About Page makes you scream, cringe and want to delete the whole thing off your website (hoping no one will notice)

know that you’re not alone.

I’ll review and rewrite your current page to tell your story in a way that is relatable to your clients or customers (and in a way that makes you sound GOOOOD).

“I wanted you to know that you really saw ME. You made me feel seen and feel heard. And because that’s what I’m putting out there, I know I will attract the same kinds of clients as well. And that is so hugely important to me.”

Vidya Ananthanarayanan

Spiritual Growth Guide, Totally Vidya Life Coaching

Who is this for?

If you started a business for a reason, and you want to share your purpose behind it, this is for you.

But more specifically, this is perfect for service providers, bricks and mortar businesses or retail/e-commerce businesses who want to connect with their potential customers and clients online.

Because if someone has clicked on your About Page, it means that they’re actually interested in reading more about you, even in this loud, information-overloaded, online world.

And this is your opportunity to connect with them. 

How exactly does it work?


You give me some details. . .
I’ll send you a questionnaire to get all the extra details about you and your story that aren’t on your current About Page. 


Then we chat. . .
We both get on the phone for 30 minutes (you preferably have your feet up, I’ll remain profesh in the office) and I ask you some more questions about your answers. During this chat I’ll also get a good idea of how you talk (so that your About Page actually sounds like you!). 


I bring your story together. . . 
Between your current page, the extra stuff you write and the stuff we talk about, I’ll have plenty of info to recreate your killer About Page. I’ll lock myself in my writing cave and bring it all together. You’ll get the first version of your About Page in 7 days. Then you get two revision cycles within the next week to make sure it’s perfect.


You get the goods. . . 
I send you the final copy laid out how I envision it, so you know exactly how it needs to look. This includes: what parts need to be bolded, italicised, in headings and where photos, testimonials and links go.


Follow-up chat. . .
Two weeks later we’ll have another chat to talk about anything you might be having issues with. You can also ask me any other questions about your About Page that may have popped up in your mind though the process. 

Ready to do this?

Stop Googling the perfect template, formula or process to write your own About Page.

Sit back, relax, and let me make the magic happen for you.

Your investment. . .

AU $197   


Enter your details below to either request a stress-free, absolutely fabulous About Page (or just to ask me any questions you have!).

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Frequently asked questions

How long will it take?

The entire process usually only takes 2 weeks from when we’ve had our call. 

Can I change anything that doesn’t sound like me?

Of course! Although I do my best to use your words and tone, you’ll have two revision cycles to make sure it’s perfect.

How do I know if the copy looks right once it's uploaded into the design?
I provide a final document that makes it VERY clear how it should look. You can also save a revision cycle for me to look over the copy with you or your designer once it’s uploaded.
How do I pay?

Upfront payment is processed securely via PayPal. I will send you an invoice to pay with your initial questionnaire.

What's next?

Click the button below to fill out the contact form. I’ll get in touch with you within 2 business days (I try to do it within one). The next steps from there will be — reviewing my terms, processing the payment and filling out the questionnaire. 

Let’s spruce up that About Page so you can connect with clients using your story! 


Click the button below.