VIP Day Rate

A fast-paced VIP service that gives you access to my brain for an entire day

You know that you can help people, you know that you can heal people, but you just don’t know how to put that into words.

My job is to help you sell yourself without feeling icky, salesly or slimy (not even good slimy like a scoby).

Right now you might be:

  • Wanting to get on top of your online marketing (so you can focus on the things you actually like doing)
  • Trying to explain what you offer in a way that sounds amazing to readers (but somehow when you explain it it ends up being 10x too long)
  • Overwhelmed with the many moving parts to your business
  • Want to get things done (like yesterday) when the idea sparks

You're here to make big changes on earth. And while I’m also here to do my part, my calling in life is to make YOU stand out more. Because the more healers I can help, the more we can all help others.

Imagine if you had someone by your side that actually likes doing the marketing things you loathe? And not only that, but in a high-energy, super intensive way.

Marketing = fixed.


VIP Day Rate

Like a magic tonic, but for your writing

This is perfect for you if:

  • You have a new or established natural health business with so many bits that need doing (but not the budget for a project or to have a copywriter on a retainer)  
  • You're often thinking of new product or service ideas and when they come, you need to act on them fast
  • You still like to be involved in your marketing, but also don’t know how to get started in creating the thing you need created.
  • You don’t have the knowledge or strategy to map out what your email sequence or sales page should look like.
  • You want to utilise my brain for a day to get things on the right track, knowing I bring knowledge, strategy (and a little bit'a channelling) into your email marketing, sales page or website.

Here's how it works...

Step 1.  It starts with the details ...

I send you a (pretty massive) questionnaire to fill out.

*Homework already?!?!*

Yep! You're involved from the very beginning so anything I write for you encapsulates you, and your business and speaks directly to your ideal clients.

Step 2.  Then we chat...

A few days before your day rate, well catch up and have a good chat for 1-2 hours. This is so I can really understand you, your business and your goals with your copywriting. We'll also talk about your service or products so I know what you're offering inside out.

Step 3.  Time for creative downloads

So this is where we get a little woo. By this stage, you've sent me any research you already have about your ideal client and any research you've done. Awesome 👍

Buuut... the time between the call and the day of your VIP Day Rate, my brain is buzzing and downloading and getting all these ideas about your marketing. I like to think these are creative 'downloads' of information, but who knows, maybe it's not really as woo as I think?

Step 4.  Your *actual* day 😍

When it gets to the day, we have a quick chat and recap of goals, I make a dandelion chai (actually, it’s likely a strong black coffee ← can’t always be natural) and then I sit down, tune into you and your energy, meditate and have a moment to centre myself.

Then, I head to my office, turn on some fitting music and dedicate 7 full hours to your project. 

Step 5.  I present you your new subscriber-nurturing sequence 🥳

Approx. two weeks after our call, I send you through the emails in a Google Doc with a walkthrough video explaining the strategy and content, along with any comments I have for you.

You then have 72 hours to get any revisions back to me (don't worry, I'll share tips on how to work through revisions stress-free-ly!).

Step 6.  Just when you thought it was all done, there's more!

Once you’ve approved the final copy, a perfectionist (with far more patience than I) double checks it. Yep, I send the whole sequence off to a professional proofreader for a final spelling and grammar check.

Step 7.  Then we PAAAARTYY 

By 'party' I mean we chuck a frozen strawberry in a bottle of kombucha then virtually cheers each other because... you now have an entire email sequence, that shows off the best parts of your business and speaks directly to your ideal clients and customers.

If that doesn't call for a celebration, I really don't know what does! 👉 😍  

Your investment...

$2200 AUD

Ready to transform your biz marketing? Get in touch with me here.


How do I know if I really need a nurture sequence?

The easiest way to decide is to think about your sales and marketing strategy and see where online sales comes into it.

Some businesses work primarily in-store or face-to-face with their customers, and that's ok! But if you do want to expand your online sales, warming up and nurturing the subscribers you eventually want to sell to is crucial.

I have a few different products and audiences. Can one nurture sequence work for them all?

Depending on how different your audiences are, you may need to have multiple sequences.

Best way to think of it is like this – imagine if you signed up to a business' email list because you were interested in what they offered, but then they emailed you about really generic stuff that wasn't relevant to you. You'd learn pretty quickly not to open their emails.

This is why having super relevant emails for each of your audiences is so important.

Do you really need to interview my clients/customers?

Well technically, no. But this is such an amazing part of the process that so many people skip (because it's a lot of extra work).

But you know what? This is what's going to make your nurture sequence stand out and resonate with your subscribers.

Through customer interviews, I discover what your clients love about you and your business, and I make note of the exact wording they use so we can use it in your emails.

This is why some marketing resonates with people (using words from the mouth of the customer) while other marketing flops as it uses industry jargon that no one wants to read! 

How long will it take?

Generally it takes two weeks from our initial call until you get your first draft. Then after revisions and proofreading, you could have your entire nurture sequence back to you in 3 weeks! 

How do I pay?

I'll send you an invoice and you can pay via PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. Payment is processed in two – 50% upon booking and 50% when you receive the first draft. 

I'm in! What's next?

Fill out the contact form below and I’ll get in touch with you within 2 business days (I try to do it within one). 

The next steps for you are — reviewing my terms, processing the deposit and filling out the initial questionnaire. Then we're ON to get your Nurture Sequence working for you! 

Ready? Enter your details below.

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