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Holistic Remedy Website Copywriting

For service-based health and wellness businesses who want to connect with their readers and showcase the best parts of their business online

Your website plays an important role in your online marketing.

It's your business’ online steward, its assistant, its chauffeur...

It welcomes people to your business, guides them around your services, tells them all about you, what you do and how you're different. 

All without you even being there.

But the question is – is your website doing its job?

  • Does your messaging speak to your ideal clients (so they know you understand what they’re going through)?
  • Is content in the right spots, allowing people to go from one section to the next, without getting lost in piles of words?
  • Do you clearly highlight the benefits of each service, reminding people of the deeper why of working with you or solving their problem?
  • Have you missed an opportunity because you simply didn’t know what bits to include and what to leave out, so you’ve just got a combination of things you think you should have?
  • Are you wondering if you’ve found the balance between giving the reader what they need, but without being too wordy or too brief?
  • Do readers clearly understand how you work, what your process and approach looks like and are they given clear ways to book with you?

If you know your website isn’t ticking all the boxes, or it’s not at a level you’re proud of, here’s how I can help…


Holistic Remedy Website Copywriting

For service-based health and wellness businesses who want to connect with their readers and showcase the best parts of their business online

Holistic Remedy Website Copywriting is my unique approach to writing websites.

To create an amazing final result, I use my training in conversion copywriting (where I’ve pulled all the good bits, but left the manipulation-y bits) and my deep understanding of health and wellness to create copy that beautifully represents you and your business and speaks to your ideal audience.

The process is led by my methodology...

The Mindful Marketing Method

This is my 3-step methodology that allows me to create copy and a website that is in alignment with your vision and mission with your work. Here's how it goes...

1. Connect

...with you, your brand and your vision.

We talk about your business, where it is now and where you want to go. We also dig deep into your offer/s and your why so I can really connect in with what you do and how you do it.

This is where the magic starts. Once I learn so much about your brand, I will very likely fall in love with it (ahh it always happens!) which means I can write from a unique space.

2. Immerse

...into your content, your voice and your audience.

I then immerse myself in your world. I read through your content, your website, your reviews and the questionnaire you filled out. I also start gathering information about your market by holding interviews with your clients and creating a survey for your audience.

This immersion in your brand and market forms the foundation, strategy and language for the copy creation.

3. Express

...web copy that brings all of that together and aligns with you, your audience and your business.

The third step is bringing all the magic together! I start creating conscious communication in alignment with you and your business. Because of the upfront work, the final copy is more than just a bunch of words that sound good. They have genuine meaning, to you and your readers.

You then get to share your new copy so you can help more people and create a happier, healthier world.

The Step-By-Step Process...

Step 1. We dive headfirst into alll the details

Once the project has begun, I send you an in-depth questionnaire to fill out so I can get a really good understanding of you, your personality and your business. It’s also so your website encapsulates the essence of your services and speaks directly to your ideal clients.

Step 2. Then we chat

Before we get into the strategy, we set aside two hours to have a big chat about the things we covered in the questionnaire.

We’ll cover things like where your biz is now, where you want it to go, how your website is serving you at the moment and how you’d love for it to be working for you.

This call will also give me a really good idea of how you naturally speak so that your website actually sounds like you.

Step 3. I start the research, surveys and interviews

By this stage, you've sent me any research you already have about your ideal client. I also create a survey for you to send out to your audience as well as interview requests so I can speak with them.

When I talk to some of your past clients, I want to find out how THEY talk about you and your service (usually they say things you don't think to mention!).

This process can seem daunting if you’ve never done this kind of research for your business, but I’ll guide you along the way and provide you with email templates and ideas of how to reach out to people.

Step 4. Then I write, write, write

From here I start mapping out and writing your website pages. This part generally takes about three-four weeks (depending on how many pages there are and how quickly I get survey results back and interviews booked).

While I tend to get a little quiet as I hone into your business, I’ll keep you updated through the process and also let you know how the interviews and surveys are going.

Step 5. I present you with your new website!

And finally the exciting part! I send you the website in a Google Doc with a walkthrough video explaining the strategy, content and any comments I have for you.

You then have one week to get any revisions back to me (I'll share tips on how to work through revisions easily). I then make final adjustments and get your final approval.

Step 6. Just when you thought it was all done, there's more!

Once you’ve approved the final copy, a perfectionist (with far more patience than me) double-checks it. Yep, I send all the website copy off to a professional proofreader for a final spelling and grammar check.

Step 7. Then we celebrate!

Now we can jump and cheer and toss the (eco-friendly) confetti so you can confidently step into your new online presence. You’ll now have copy that truly feels like you, beautifully expresses your services and connects with your favourite kinds of clients.

Your investment...

Holistic Remedy Website Copywriting packages start at...

$3700 AUD

* There are many pricing variations depending on the number of pages and services. Fill out the contact form below for a personalised estimate.

Ready to transform your website? Get in touch with me here.

Looking for a more affordable option? View my Magic Tonic Copy Intensives here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take?

Generally it takes four-six weeks from the start of our project. This depends on the number of website pages and how quickly I get survey responses back and interviews booked.

Do you really need to interview my clients?

Well, technically no. But this is such an amazing part of the process that so many people skip (because it's a lot of extra work).

But this is what's going to make your website feel right. It’s what will shape the flow of the pages and the headers. Through customer interviews, I discover what your clients love about you and your business and then I use their exact wording on your website.

This makes it not only resonate more with your audience but also makes your website so uniquely you.

Can you rewrite what I already have?

Absolutely! If you’d like me to rewrite your current copy, I can do that through a Magic Tonic Copy Intensive. This is great if you need to get your website sounding amazing until you’re ready for the full project.

However, I don’t recommend this route as a long-term solution because I can only work with the content that’s there. If you imagine creating a puzzle – it’s only as good as the pieces that are available. And without a thorough research phase, including interviews and a survey, there could be a lot of crucial pieces missing.

I don't need the whole website, can I just get you to do just one or two pages?

Because a big part of the website copywriting process is my initial deep-dive and research, it doesn’t make sense to only do 1-2 pages within this same process.

For fewer pages, the best option would be a Magic Tonic Copy Intensive.

How do I pay?

Once I’ve received your enquiry, we’ve had a chat and I’ve provided you with a quote you’re happy with, I'll send you an invoice which you can pay via PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.

Payment is processed in two – 50% upon booking and 50% when you receive the first draft.

I'm in! What's next?

Amazing! Fill out the contact form below and I’ll reply within 2 business days.

The next steps from there are booking a call to talk about your project and confirm pages (or we can do it via email if you don't love the phone) and then I can provide you with a quote.

After that, the steps are reviewing my terms, processing the deposit and filling out the initial questionnaire. Then we’re on our way to getting your website truly representing the essence of you.

Website Copywriting Enquiry Form

Pricing - Website copywriting prices start at $3700 AUD. Is that within your budget?
Tell me a little bit about your current website. When was it last updated? Was it done professionally? What do you like and dislike about it?
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