Conscious Copywriting Intensive

A deep dive, fast turnaround copywriting service for businesses who want to rise up, shake up their industry and do better for humankind

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Words expressed in a meaningful way can create a big impact.

Words are a tool we use to communicate, human-to-human, and share wisdom amongst each other.

But standard marketing advice doesn't allow us to sell through meaningful connection. It tells us the only way to sell online is by following an exact technique or formula (which leans on manipulation, persuasion and sometimes even deceit).

And so, these formulas don't allow us to connect with our readers and sell in a way that aligns with our values.

That's not how it should be. 

I believe that marketing is about communication: your business communicating with the people you can best serve AND in a way that feels right.⁣

That means that from your website, to your emails, to your sales page and in any other marketing materials...

We get to choose the way we communicate (and sell) online. We get to choose to communicate with our hearts.

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Not your standard copywriting process

My conversion-meets-conscious copywriting approach

As well as making a conscious decision to do the opposite of what is common in the online space (prodding pain points, agitating those pains and focusing on persuasion), I equally embraced all the wonderful bits: research, strategy, customer journey mapping and research into the audience and buyers.

I also use my Conscious Copywriting approach to bring your knowledge and your why into content that showcases your message and your business in its expertise. 

I’m not here to just write stuff that sounds good, I’m here to bring YOUR words and YOUR knowledge together and make you sound like you (but better 😉).


You have a brain filled with years of knowledge, loads of online content to show for it, and what feels like a lifetime’s worth of experience to back it all up.

And so when it comes to bringing it all together in words that make sense, it can feel overwhelming.

That’s where I come in!

I’m here to access the knowledge in your brain and understand every aspect of what you do. To get to know YOU, your vision and your mission. To understand what fuels the passion behind your service. To gain clarity about your offerings. To simplify the chaos of content.


I’ll bottle allll of that up and piece it back together for you in a methodical, intuitive way, creating copy that feels like you, sounds like you and showcases your absolute brilliance.

Here's how...


Conscious Copywriting Intensive

A deep dive, fast turnaround copywriting service for businesses who want to rise up, respect the sales journey and do better for humankind

What is a Copywriting Intensive? 

–> Copy projects done in a week

By plunging into your world, transcribing the information from your brain and immersing myself in your customers’ world, all in a short period of time, I get a deep understanding of your business and offer and can help you get your important message out to the world, fast.

In my experience, we get the best outcome when we start the project full of energy, and complete it full of energy. No dragging on, excitement fizzling or deadlines missed.

This is why I do not do retainers, short projects that do not fit into a Copywriting Intensive or simple edits by the hour. My work IS a deep dive.

Two options to cater to where you're at...

Conscious Copywriting Intensive options

Copywriting + Research

For new clients or existing clients whose projects require more research

$2200 AU

✓ Brand & Personality Questionnaire
So I can get a really good idea about you and your business.

✓ 1-2-Hour Deep Dive Call
Where I ask you lots of questions, and your answers will be the foundation for the great content we'll use in your copy.

✓ Transcription
I transcribe our call to quite literally use your own words so your website sounds like you.

✓ Research
I go off and research things like testimonials, email enquiries, social captions, newsletters, website and any other marketing material you have. I also look into your positioning online.

✓ 7 Hours (1 Day) of Copywriting
I work on your page for a day. I spend the first part on strategy – mapping out a more intuitive layout. Then I sift through the transcription from our call to add more of your wonderful information and make your copy shine.

✓ Designer-Ready Wireframe
Finally, I hand over a Google Docs version of your new page (in a simple wireframe). You can share this with your website designer and/or developer to add the new structure to the website.

✓ Revisions
You will have 24 hours to read through and get any revisions back to me, then I revise and we're done!

$2200 AU

Copywriting only

For ongoing and subsequent projects where I have sufficient research to create copy

$1450 AU

✓ Questionnaire
Questions specific to each project to make sure I’ve got all the right information.

✓ Call & Transcription (if needed)
While we don’t often need another call after the initial Copy Intensive, I do allow for it if I need more information.

✓ 7 Hours (1 Day) of Copywriting
I spend a full day on your project doing strategy, mapping and copywriting.

✓ Designer-ready Wireframe
You get your copy back in a simple wireframe in Google Docs to share with your website designer and/or developer.

✓ Revisions
You will have 24 hours to read through and make sure all the copy is correct and get any revisions back to me.

$1450 AU

Ready to clarify your offer so you can communicate it with confidence?

Please note

VIP Conscious Copywriting Intensive is a time-based deliverable. Some projects may require multiple copywriting intensives, depending on the scope of work.

Let's clarify your copy

Here are some of the things I can create for you…

  • Website copy
    (Approximately 2-3 intensives for a 2-5 page site)
    Website copy for your whole site or simply for your core pages like the home page or services pages.
  • Email sequences for service businesses
    (Approximately 1-2 intensives for a 5- 9-email sequence)
    Nurture sequences to welcome new subscribers to your brand, or sales sequences leading up to your course launch.
  • Email sequences for ecommerce brands
    (Generally 1 intensive for the welcome sequence. Other sequences are often shorter and can be combined.)
    A variety of sequences that work symbiotically including: Welcome, Abandoned Cart, Post Purchase, Thank You / Review Request, Winback and more.
  • Sales page for online courses or products
    (Approximately 1 intensive for expanding on and improving an existing sales page. Generally 2 intensives are required for a new sales page.)
    Long-form, respectful, non-hypey sales pages that cater to all types of buyers, from the ones who skim to the ones who read every single word.

A reminder...

VIP Conscious Copywriting Intensive is a time-based deliverable. Some projects may require multiple copywriting intensives, depending on the scope of work.

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Sarah Buckle


"Mirna is an absolute miracle worker. I regularly recommend her to my clients and we've worked on many projects jobs together. 

She's never once let me down. Mirna embodies her clients' voices and switches easily depending on who she's working with. Her background in conversion copywriting means she is able to bring together a final result that has personality AND strategy. I recommend Mirna to anyone who is looking for this perfect balance in their marketing."

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Meet Your Copywriter

Hi, I’m Mirna – conversion-turned-conscious copywriter.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve written a huge variety of copy, continually going deeper and learning more to work out how to make words more impactful (and, in more recent times, less harmful).

One day I observed myself buying yet another online program that I knew I didn’t need. As a trained and working conversion copywriter, I knew all the techniques - and yet they still worked on me. This highlighted for me just how powerful persuasion marketing is. 

I did not want my work to be the reason someone bought something they didn’t need, just because my copy convinced them they did.

I realised there was a lot about the marketing industry I didn’t agree with, and I decided to get really clear about the way I wanted to show up in the world and the way I wanted to create copy for my clients:

Steeped in respect for your work, your audience and for humankind. 

If this sounds like the kind of marketing that is in alignment with you and you would like to see how we can work together, fill out the contact form below.

Cannot wait to learn about the change you’re here to make!

The nitty gritty

Are you a 'want to know all the details' kind of person? Love that! 

Here goes...

I use my methodology – The Impact Marketing Method – to guide my projects. I have refined this process over my copywriting career to help me create copy that makes my clients proud to show off the work they do. Here's how it looks...

A graphic showing my methodology. There are three large circles forming a triangle shape. The text in the top circle reads: Connect: I connect with you, your offer, your brand and your vision, first and foremost. The circle on the bottom right reads: I delve into and immerse myself in your content, your voice and your audience. The text in the circle on the bottom left reads: I create copy that brings all of that together and aligns with you and your readers, your buyers and your business. In the middle is a small circle with text that reads: The Impact Marketing Method™. Three leaf and branch graphics are woven in for appearance purposes.

I will take you through my proven process which helps me get the right kind of information out of your head so I can present the very best of you and your offer in your copy.

Here's what you can expect at each step...

Step 1. We start with alll the details

I send you a questionnaire to fill out so I can get a really good understanding about you, your brand personality, your voice, your business, your vision, your services and where conscious copywriting can support you in where you want to go.

This step is also crucial for me to get the structure of your offer/s in writing so I understand it back to front before I start creating copy to sell it.

Step 2. Then we have a big chat

We have a 1-2 hour deep-dive call where I'm able to get lots of really great content from you to use in your copy.

Note: It is vital you allow 1-2 hours for this call. While it may seem excessive, this call is where I get the little bits of information you hadn't considered important enough to highlight. It's also where I get a good grasp of how you speak so your copy actually sounds like you!

Step 3. I delve into research mode

I transcribe our call so I am able to articulate your service and trainings accurately. I sift through any research you have sent me about your audience and dig into your testimonials and any surveys you've held with your past clients. This is key to finding out how others talk about you and your offer (usually they say things you don't think to mention!).

I also look into your positioning online so I know what other messaging your audience may be seeing.

Step 4. Then I write for a day

After all of that, I have plenty of content and research and I work on your copy for one day (7 hours). I start with the strategy where I map out a more intuitive flow to be in alignment with your goals for your copy. By now I have spent as much time in preparation and strategy mode, so with 7 hours of dedicated writing time I can get through a lot

During this phase, it's important for you to be available to respond to any further questions that come up as soon as possible so I can keep working on your project. 

Step 5. You receive your new copy!

One week after our call, I send through your copy in a Google Doc explaining the strategy and content, along with any comments I have for you. If you have a website or sales page, your copy will be in a simple wireframe ready for a designer.

You then have 24 hours to get any revisions back to me (I'll share tips on how to work through revisions easily). I will update the edits and send them back to you within 24 hours.

Step 6. Finally, it’s time to celebrate!

By celebrate, I mean we pop a frozen strawberry in a bottle of kombucha then virtually cheers each other because... you now have brand new copy that shows off the best parts of your business and speaks directly to your ideal clients.

I hand over full copyright to you and the content is 100% yours and ready to add to your email service provider or website, or share with a designer or developer. 

Ready to roll? Fill out the form here.

Contact form

Need some help with your marketing? I'd love to help! Please get in touch by filling out the form below,

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