Hi, I’m Mirna.
I write copy for business women on a mission to make a difference.

I believe we should all do our bit to make a difference.

And the women who are dedicated to creating positive change for others? They deserve an extra high-five.

Through my copywriting, I can help you tell your story to spread your message further and help more people. As a bonus, this will help you attract your favourite kinds of clients.

If this sounds like your business and the kind of help you need – drop me a line.

What led me to telling stories is that… 

Voice has always been a struggle for me.

I was born in Bosnia (Yugoslavia at the time) and moved to New Zealand as a young kid.

Growing up in NZ, I definitely didn’t feel like I ‘fit in’. Later, I moved to Australia and now sound like a Kiwi. And when I go back to Bosnia (despite speaking the language) I definitely don’t sound like a local.

Wherever I was, I just felt different.

I constantly wanted to blend in. To avoid bringing attention to my differences. I wanted to remain quiet (← which is really bloody hard when you have a lot to say!).

But I realised that to be true to who I was, I needed to speak up.

Because creating change depends on it.

And through this journey of finding my own voice, and becoming confident in speaking my truth, my passion grew for helping other women discover theirs.

If you’ve struggled to own your words, your opinion, your stance and your values, all because you don’t know how to show up, I can help.

But where does copywriting come into this?

Lemme’ try and summarise this: 

There are two key parts of my life that led me to copywriting…

→ 1.

In 2013 I started my own organic produce delivery business where I personally packed and delivered over 350kgs (!!) of produce a week. Random, I know. I just wanted organic food to be more affordable for families and I wanted farmers to get more money for their stock.


When I closed that biz to go travelling with my husband, I created a travel site where I encouraged other female travellers to share their stories and tips.


See, between working out all the “online stuff” in the organics business, and then being inspired by incredible women wanting to share their travel stories, this fusion of online marketing and personal storytelling was created.

This sparked something inside me, even if I didn’t really realise it at the time. (If you’re interested in peeking around that site, I’ll save you the time in online stalking. Visit Breathe Travel here.)

Fast forward to now… 

I never went back to my produce business and Breathe Travel still kinda does its own thing. But what those two businesses sparked for me has continued to grow.

And now, I’m dedicated to helping other women share the stories behind their purpose and their business.

I want to help you do just that.

Think we’d be a great fit to work together? Head over to my copywriting services page to dig into my packages or contact me directly.

Other professional-ish things about me…

I’m also a volunteer copywriter for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (here in Australia), have been featured on Virgin Travel, Huffington Post and have written for the major tourism site, Destination Gold Coast.

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