My Methodology

The Impact Marketing Method

A graphic showing my methodology. There are three large circles forming a triangle shape. The text in the top circle reads: Connect: I connect with you, your offer, your brand and your vision, first and foremost. The circle on the bottom right reads: I delve into and immerse myself in your content, your voice and your audience. The text in the circle on the bottom left reads: I create copy that brings all of that together and aligns with you and your readers, your buyers and your business. In the middle is a small circle with text that reads: The Impact Marketing Method™. Three leaf and branch graphics are woven in for appearance purposes.

How it works in action…


We talk about your business, where it is now and where you want it to go. We also dig deep into your offer/s and your why so I can really connect with what you do and how you do it.

This is where the magic starts.

Once I put myself in your shoes and learn everything about your brand, I’m able to translate that knowledge into copy from a fresh and unique perspective.


I dive into your work, your industry and your current content - social captions, newsletters, website and any other marketing content you have. I gather information about your audience by going through your reviews, testimonials and customer enquiries to conduct Voice of Customer research.

I immerse myself in your world before I bring your content together. This deep dive forms the foundation, strategy and language for your copy.


I bring it all together into conscious communication that’s in alignment with you and your business. Because of the work I do in the first two phases, the final copy not only sounds like you but also embodies your values and has genuine meaning, to you and your community.

You can share your new website, emails or sales page with the world and feel confident to go and make the big impact you’re here to create.

Ready to see how I can help you clarify your message and your offer?

A close-up photo of a woman smiling at the camera. She has medium-length blonde hair styled in bouncy curls. She wears a royal blue shirt.

Bonnie Cardiff


“I am so glad I found Mirna. 

The process of working with her was easy, she was very flexible and understood my needs. I loved the flow of my website and was impressed with how professional it sounded. Mirna is very skilled in copywriting and knows her stuff. She was also very prompt and I didn’t have to chase her up which made it easy to work with her."

A close-up photo of a woman smiling at the camera. She has short black hair in a pixie style. She wears a white sleeveless dress with colourful prints on it, and she sits on a blue chair.

Vidya Ananthanarayanan


“You really saw ME. You made me feel seen and feel heard. 

And because that’s what I’m putting out there, I know I will attract the same kinds of clients as well. And that is so hugely important to me.”

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