Ecommerce Email Cure & Remedy

Email strategy and copywriting to guide your subscribers and customers through a seamless email experience (and make more sales)

You created your products because you wanted to help your community (or the planet!) to become healthier.

You brought your wealth of knowledge together and compressed it down into your glorious range.

But without sales, your products don’t help anyone.

And with the nature of online marketing, where we’re constantly bombarded with ads, deals and new releases, it can be tough to keep getting new eyes on your brand.

That’s where email marketing comes in. 

It’s a simple way to keep the relationship going with the subscribers you do have, and generate new sales – without searching for new customers.

Imagine providing an amazing and unique customer journey for your subscribers. One where you can…

  • Introduce people to your brand (welcome sequence)... 
  • Assist them with product usage and care after purchasing (post-purchase sequence)... 
  • Ask them to review their purchase so other people can see how amazing your products are (thank you and review request sequence)... 
  • Show them what other products they may be interested in (cross-sell and up-sell sequence)...
  • Remind them that it’s time to reorder (replenish sequence)...

...and have it all completely automated.


Ecommerce Email Cure & Remedy

Email strategy and copywriting to guide your subscribers and customers through a seamless email experience (and make more sales)

First you need to start with the cure: to work out what’s happening… and fix it.

Then you need the remedy: the ongoing solution to keep your business healthy and ticking, way past fixing the problem.

This deep dive into your customers, products and email marketing is perfect for businesses who:

Are already making some sales online

Sequence strategy and automation helps to boost what’s already happening. No amount of strategy can create buyers if the messaging and marketing is off and no one is currently purchasing.

Want email marketing to be a key part of their sales strategy

Because of the in-depth nature of this approach, there is no way to simply incorporate one sequence at a time. That means that it requires a financial investment to create the full customer journey and get the three starter sequences (more info below).

However, I am always willing to be flexible where I can and can organise payment plans where needed.

Want to create a strong relationship with their buyers (rather than just one-off sales)

For people who want to just make one-off sales (which I know isn’t you!) there are so many other ways to go about that. Hiring a social media specialist is probably where I’d start.

But for business owners who want to continue to help and support their community even after they buy once (now I’m lookin’ at you), email sequences can help to continue building that brand loyalty and relationship.

Here's how it works...

Step 1. We dive head first into alll the details

Once the project has begun, I send you an in-depth questionnaire to fill out.

This info is so I can get a really good understanding of your biz and so your sequence encapsulates the essence of your products and speaks directly to your ideal customers.

Step 2. Then we chat

Before we get into the strategy, we set aside an hour (or realistically two) to have a big chat about the things we covered in the questionnaire.

We’ll cover things like where your online store is now, where you want it to go and we talk about how email sequences fit into it all. This also gives me the chance to go even deeper into your answers and get clarification on any areas I may need.

Step 3. Then I create the customer journey

At this point I start mapping out and creating a strategic customer journey. Without this, we'd be creating generic emails that follow a standard sequence. 

But I'm going to think about your specific business and goals and create a customer journey that works for your online store, your products and your customers.

Step 4. Then I write, write, write

From here I start writing the email sequences! Each sequence outlines the aim of the sequence and how the strategy supports that. Each individual email comes with a subject line, preview text, body copy and simple wireframing so your email designer can see the layout I’m envisioning.

**Please note, no graphic design or photo editing is included.

Step 5. I present you your new ecommerce email sequences!

Approximately three to four weeks after our call (depending on how many sequences there are), I send you the emails in a Google Doc with a walkthrough video explaining the strategy, content and any comments I have for you.

You then have one week to get any revisions back to me. Don’t worry, I'll share tips on how to work through revisions easily.

Step 6. Then we celebrate!

Now we can jump and cheer because you are one BIG step closer to a streamlined, automated email marketing system, which creates an amazing experience for your subscribers and customers.

Your investment...

Ecommerce Email Cure & Remedy packages start at...

Email Sequence Strategy only
$770 AUD

The Email Sequence Strategy is for business owners who want to get an overall view of the ecommerce email strategy before committing to the three starter sequences. 

It includes:

  • Questionnaire and call with me
  • Full customer journey strategy mapping

* If you upgrade and book the Ecommerce Email Startup Bundle within 30 days of the Email Sequence Strategy (while it’s still fresh in my brain), 100% of the cost will be credited towards the bundle. If you book after 30 days, $450 will be credited.

Ecommerce Email Startup Bundle
$3200 AUD

The Ecommerce Email Startup Bundle is for business owners who are certain they want to get their ecommerce email marketing started and are happy to dive right into the sequences they need.

It includes:

  • Questionnaire and call with me
  • Full customer journey strategy and mapping
  • Welcome sequence
  • Post-purchase sequence
  • Abandoned cart sequence
  • Simple wireframing (not including graphic design or image sourcing)
  • A support call at the end so you have the chance to ask me any other questions you have

What doesn't it include:

  • Graphic design, email design or photo selection
  • Importing into your ESP

Ready to transform your ecommerce email marketing? I’m in! 

Looking for a faster and more affordable option? See my Magic Tonic Copy Intensive here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my business is ready for these email sequences?

Simply put, if you're not making sales in your business to justify this cost, your business is not ready. Email sequences will boost what is already working, rather than create customers where there are none.

Email marketing requires an up front investment because you’re creating a new marketing and sales system. But just like getting a brand new website, you likely won’t make all your money back immediately.

However, if you know this is definitely a direction you want to take your business and you're able to afford it (please don't create debt just for this) then it could be a great way to boost and automate your email marketing.

What sequences are possible for ecommerce businesses?

→ Welcome

→ Abandon Cart

→ Post Purchase

→ Thank You / Review Request

→ Non-Buyer Discount Offer

→ Post Purchase Cross-Sell and Upsell

→ Browse Abandonment

→ Review/Testimonial Request

→ Replenishment

→ VIP Program

→ Winback Sequence

→ Sunset Sequence

What is the best way to get started if I don't know where to start?

The Ecommerce Email Startup Bundle is the best option as you get the strategy and three sequences to implement straight away. Then we can look back at the strategy to decide which sequences to create next.

If you're still unsure about where email marketing would fit into your business but you want to get an overall vision of how it would work, you can start with just the strategy and mapping. If you upgrade to the Ecommerce Email Startup Bundle within 30 days (while your strategy is fresh in my mind) the full $770 will be deducted from the bundle. If you upgrade after that, $450 will be deducted from the package price.

How long will it take?

For the Ecommerce Email Startup Bundle, please allow 3-4 weeks from when we've had our call. For custom packages where we plan to create all possible sequences (approximately 8 in total), the length will depend on a few different factors which we can discuss during the strategy call.

How do I pay?

I'll send you an invoice and you can pay via PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. Payment is processed in two – 50% upon booking and 50% when you receive Version 1. Then you still have a week to work through any final revisions.

I'm in! What's next?

Fill out the contact form below and I’ll get in touch with you within 2 business days (I try to do it within one).

The next steps for you are — reviewing my terms, processing the deposit and filling out the initial questionnaire. Then we're ON to get your ecommerce emails working for you!

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