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I invite you to join me for A Breath of Fresh Marketing – my weekly musings where I share conscious copywriting and sales content with wonderful humans like you, so together we can grow and expand what it means to be a conscious marketer.

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  • A breakdown and analysis of techniques or trends I’ve noticed in the marketing space (I don't claim to have all the answers, but I do question a lot)
  • Feel-good content I’ve found that has helped me and may help you with your business and marketing goals (because feel-good is something I want more of in my biz!)
  • Anything else I have found helpful for mindful marketing, or other conscious copywriting-related content I’m reading or listening to.
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I’m on a mission to offer an alternative way we create copy. I’m dedicated to helping create an industry change.

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Respect belongs in online marketing

And change can happen when we decide to do things differently.