copy Clarity Call

1:1 strategy sessions to help conscious business owners map out their next copywriting project.

$250 AU 60 minute sessions Four available each month

Your message and business are powerful tools for meaningful change in the world.

Each time you share, you have an opportunity to inspire and influence others. 

However, between writing new web pages, staying active on social media, sending consistent newsletters or finding the right words to articulate the value of a new offer, the demand for output is relentless.

The result? Precious mental and emotional energy gets wasted trying to keep up, while taking your attention away from doing your important work in the world.

Copy Clarity Calls are designed for conscious business owners like you.

What we can work on together...

Perhaps you've been feeling stuck or overwhelmed in a specific area in your content or you simply want the guidance to refine some of your strategy, I can help you move beyond that, get clarity and continue creating impactful content.

Here's what I can help you with...


Unsure about what pages to include on your website? I'll help you work out which ones you need so you can move beyond the overthink and start writing your web copy.


Stuck on how to present your service on your website? I can help you work out what to include and what to omit to best communicate your work to your ideal clients.


Struggling with knowing what to share? Let's explore your business and services together and generate a variety of content ideas for your social posts, newsletters or blog posts.


Unsure which emails to include in your sequences? I'll help you design a customer journey that guides your audience through the important messages they need for you to achieve your biz goals.


Wish you could make your service stand out? A process, framework or methodology is the perfect way to do that. (Note: We may not have time to finalise the name but you'll leave knowing how to continue refining it.)


If you're after something specific I haven't mentioned, reach out via the contact page and I'll let you know if I can help.

Here's how it works

Copy Clarity Call

  1. Book a call via my scheduler, Calendly. You will need to answer some questions about your business and what you're hoping to gain from the call before you book, so be sure you've got 10-ish minutes to do so.
  2. When we meet, we’ll have a focused conversation about your copy and the area you’re stuck in, and I'll help you with a strategy to work through that. 
  3. After the call, you'll receive the recording which you can revisit as many times as you like.

What are
Copy Clarity Calls really all about?

This isn't a coaching or mentoring session. It's a strategic approach to working through what's holding you back in your copy so you can gain clarity in that area and continue to breathe and create.

Meet your Copywriting Strategist

Hi, I'm Mirna. I'm a Conscious Copywriter and Email Strategist.

I help business owners to sell more of their products online, without relying on hypey marketing techniques that are so common in the online world.

Over the past 10 years, I have immersed myself in the world of marketing and have created my own approach to helping people communicate consciously online.

I love supporting people who strive to use their businesses for change. Those who want to lead with impact and to do business better.

If you're a Conscious Business Owner and want to chat through something that's been keeping you stuck, I'm here to help.

You ready to do this?

I can't wait to help you move through whatever's been keeping you stuck.


1:1 strategy sessions to help conscious business owners map out their next copywriting project so they can get out of their heads and keep creating.

The details

  • 60 minute calls
  • 4 calls available each month
  • $250 AUD
  • For businesses here to do big work