Nurture Sequence Intensive

A done-for-you email nurture sequence for change-makers to connect with new subscribers and build a community.

The most powerful tool for genuine community connection isn't social media.

The humble email, when done well, beats that.

No flashy algorithms, no unpredictable engagement, no keeping up with trends.

Just building real relationships with people who share your mission (and want to be a part of your change). 

And it all starts with the very first emails someone receives when they sign up to hear from you: the Nurture Sequence.

This dedicated customer journey guides new subscribers through the most important parts of your business, setting the tone for the kind of relationship you want to offer your community.

Hello to opening doors to genuine connection through shared values.


Nurture Sequence Done in a Week

Using my Conscious Copywriting approach based on my methodology, The Impact Marketing MethodI immerse myself into your world, get a deep understanding of your business, customers and offer and bring it all together into a welcome sequence that guides new subscribers through the most important parts of your business.

As readers become familiar with your offerings and emails, you'll naturally increase conversions and conversations. This means effortless connection with your community and more people knowing how they can buy from you.

The best part? It's all done in a week.

In the time it takes you to think about what to say, how to say it and motivate yourself to sit down and write, I can handle it all for you.


Why an email nurture sequence is crucial for established, service-based business.

While other strategies usually steal the spotlight (hello social media and launch email sequences), nurture emails are a powerful way for service-based businesses to connect with their audience, build meaningful relationships and, yes, drive sales.

A welcome sequence helps you do this by...

  • Providing value upfront without immediately pushing for a sale. This helps build trust with your audience, making them more likely to purchase from you when they're ready.
  • Increasing sales and cross-selling opportunities. Nurture sequences can introduce subscribers to a wide range of services and digital products, increasing the chances of upsells and cross-sells. By understanding the customer's journey, you can present the most relevant offers at the right time.
  • Establishing a direct communication channel. By creating the right setting for new subscribers, you can welcome conversation and feedback, giving you valuable, direct research compared to tools like social media polls.


Nurture Sequence Intensive

$2500 AU

βœ“ Brand Essence & Offer Questionnaire
So I can connect in with you and your magic and truly understand your business.

βœ“ 1-Hour Deep Dive Call
This call is often where we discover the 'hidden gems' or bits of information that you maybe didn't think were important enough to highlight in your questionnaire.

βœ“ Transcribing
I transcribe our call to quite literally use your words so your emails sound like you.


You get a completed sequence that guides a new subscriber through the most important parts of your business and brand so they can connect with you and your mission.

You receive your emails in a Google Doc in a text-only layout and with subjects and preview text, ready to be imported into an email service provider. This will be accompanied by a Loom video explaining the email strategy.

βœ“ Revisions
You will have a round of revisions to make sure you're completely happy with your new copy!

$2500 AU

Are you ready to create stronger, more conscious connections with your email community?

Nurture sequence testimonial...

A woman with brunette hair clipped back smiles at the camera. She is wearing a light pink blouse and is holding a pink tea cup. Behind her is a red pot with green plant against a white wall.

Dr Sophie Brock

Motherhood Studies Sociologist

β€œMirna didn't just exceed my expectations, she soared past them.

The entire process of working with Mirna has been a fantastic experience. Initially I was hesitant in hiring a copywriter because language and the expression of ideas is so important to me as it's the foundation of my work as somebody who teaches information and conceptual ideas as my profession. I honestly didn't think I'd find anyone who would write in a way I was satisfied with and happy to use under my name.

But Mirna didn't just exceed my expectations, she soared past them. She took the time to get to know me, my purpose, my business, my clients, my message, my offerings, and my vision. Mirna took what felt to me like an entanglement of ideas, untangled them piece by piece, then intentionally and artfully weaved them together to create a powerful but beautiful sequence that encapsulates my ideas and work.

The entire process of working with Mirna was a pleasure, and it was also helpful to me as a creator and business owner in distilling my message and offerings.”

the process

 Want to know all the details?

Here's what you can expect at each step...

Step 1. We start with alll the details

I send you my Brand and Essence Questionnaire which I designed to get a really good understanding about you, your brand, your brand personality, your voice, your business, your vision, your services and where conscious copywriting can support you in where you want to go.

This step is also crucial for me to get the structure of your offer/s in writing so I understand them before I create your emails.

Step 2. Then we have a big chat

We have a 1 hour deep-dive call where I'm able to get lots of really great content from you to use in your copy.

This call is where I get the hidden gems and little bits of information you hadn't considered important enough to highlight. It's also where I get a good grasp of how you speak so your copy actually sounds like you!

Step 3. I create your Nurture Sequence!

Now I have plenty of content and I begin writing!

I start with creating a strategy where I map out an intuitive flow for your emails, making sure I'm including the most important information while providing a great customer journey.

During this phase, it's important you're available to quickly respond to any further questions that come up so I can keep working on your project and get it back to you on time.

Step 4. You receive your new emails!

One week after our call, I send through your copy in a Google Doc, along with the customer journey explanation, subject lines and preview text for each email. 

You will also get a short Loom video where I explain the strategy (why I included or excluded certain things), along with any comments I have for you.

Step 5. Revision time.

You then have 24 hours to get any revisions back to me (I'll share tips on how to work through revisions easily).

As the sequence has been created on a solid foundation and with a clear strategy in mind, the revisions are generally just for tweaks or factual discrepancies. 

I update the edits and send the final version back to you within 24 hours.

Step 6. Finally, it’s time to celebrate!

By celebrate, I mean we pop a frozen strawberry in a glass of kombucha then virtually cheers each other because... you now have a BRAND NEW nurture sequence that shows off the best parts of your business and speaks directly to your ideal clients.

I hand over full copyright to you and the content is 100% yours and ready to add to your email service provider. 

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Nurture Sequence Intensive

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