Conscious Copywriting Services

for Change-Making Businesses

The special thing about your service, product and process is that they’re uniquely… yours.

No one else in the world can provide clients with the exact offer you do. 

No one else comes with the same lived experiences, the same education and the same hands-on practice. 

And sometimes it’s easy to take that unique you-ness about your offer for granted. 

That’s what I’m here for…

When we work together, I aim to truly understand everything about what you do, the way you do it and what fuels the passion behind your business. Then I bottle allll of that up and create copy that your audience will love, that feels like you, that sounds like you and that showcases your brilliance. 

Sound good? Fabulous.

Here's how we can work together…

Website Copywriting for Service-Based Businesses

A comprehensive website copywriting service that digs deep into your business, your messaging and your ideal clients in order to showcase the very best of you, your business and your offer/s.

Ecommerce Email Marketing (Strategy & Sequence Writing)

An email strategy and copywriting service to map out your entire customer journey and create the email sequences to guide your customers through it. This is a simple way for your ecommerce brand to make more sales from subscribers.

Conscious Copywriting Intensive (Buy My Day)

An intensive done-in-a-day service to get your project (or a chunk of it) done fast. This is a great option if you don’t have the time or budget for a full project, or simply want to revamp the copy you’ve got.

Please note...

Due to my morals and values, there are some businesses I simply won't write for. These include:

Multi-Level Marketing businessES
Regardless of how good the product may be, I believe the MLM business model is harmful, deceitful and preys on people who most need the financial "benefits" they promise. In fact, if it weren't for so many people losing out and keeping the pyramid going, there wouldn't be the few successful people at the top, either.

Businesses BUILT on exploitation
I won't write for companies that compromise on ethical standards, don't pay liveable wages, harm vulnerable communities or ecosystems, exploit environmental resources, engage in animal cruelty, manipulate health and wellness claims (including a good chunk of "health foods"), appropriate cultural heritage or utilise exploitative labor practices. 

Alcohol-Based Businesses
As a non-drinker, I won't market any kind of alcohol business as alcohol culture is celebrated, trivialised and glorified. (Also goes for smoking, gambling and the rest of those, of course.)