Being a change-maker or disruptor in business has become a bit buzzwordy. 

Those terms sometimes feel on par to "authentic", "heart-centred" or "ethical". 

But even so, I'm still using them. 

Because while there are businesses-a-plenty happy to say they're changing the world, few of those are clearly showing us how they're doing so. 

That's why it's so important for people who are genuinely creating change to own it. To share their perspective, their stance, their opinion. To shout it loud and clear so that everyone knows what change their business is here to make. 

Need more convincing?

Here are three reasons explaining exactly why I think you should share your perspective (and keep sharing again and again)... 

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No one can replicate your unique way of thinking – not even a well-prompted ChatGPT

It took me a while to to truly appreciate how important AI is for business. 

By the time I got excited about it, we were already swimming in same-samey, AI-generated rubbish marketing content. People sharing messages that sound like they're doing something new and different, but they're simply using other people's voices and body of work as their own.

Not sure what I mean? Lemme show you something...

Type into ChatGPT, "Make an argument for [enter something that interests you]. Make it sound like Seth Godin/Brené Brown/Oprah/Simon Sinek.

At first glance you might think 'Wow!', until you realise that it's just a pile of words that sound nothing like you.

But being a disruptor and a change-maker is so much more than sharing inspirational messaging. 

Disrupting what’s currently happening within a certain space requires YOU.

YOUR experience. YOUR stories. YOUR insights.

And from all of that comes your unique solution... that we can't wait for you to share with us 🙂  

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Your business says something even when you're not saying it

This is the power of strong messaging.

Equally, the absence of regular updates or communication sends a message of its own.

What your community takes from that is: This isn't important to this business anymore.

Here's the thing: At the very least, your business is your resistance against indifference to the thing you're so passionate about. And at its best, it can become a movement that influences massive shifts, including societal behaviours and actions.

But to be a movement, it needs to keep adapting and participating in ongoing conversations. That's why it's called a movement and not a standstill.

Without regularly voicing your views and beliefs, it's going to be difficult to keep your current community engaged while attracting and involving new people. 

I'll use one of my business ideas as an example (one of the many, many ideas that I'll never do anything with...) : Birthing Day Gift Packs for Mothers.

You know how everyone celebrates the child on their birthday? Well, I think the mothers deserve love and acknowledgement on this day!  After all, in my case at least and for many biological mothers I know, it’s my body that still holds the evidence of that day!

A small, beautiful gift box for mothers, filled with tea, chocolate and selected self-care items.

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Through this product's existence it highlights the need for recognising mothers and the life-changing experience they went through as they birthed a child.

But if I were to stop actively voicing my views, values and beliefs in this hypothetical business, my existing community might start to doubt my commitment, assuming the larger mission (showing appreciation for mothers on their birthing days) isn't important to me anymore and that I'm happy just selling gift packs for the sake of gift packs. 

Anyone new to my business might see me as just another person happy to commercialise motherhood while adding to the growing list of gifts we "should" be buying for others.

The point is: We can't just just say something once and move on. 

As the world around us changes, we also change, and we need to keep communicating to our audience that we're in it for the long haul to keep pushing to make it happen.

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Your insights and thought leadership are the seeds you plant for your business and mission’s future

For a long time, education has been a core technique behind the way I write copy.

While many marketers and even business owners believe they need to use persuasion hacks and manipulation techniques to get people to take action, I believe that when people are equipped with all the information they need, they're able to make their own – informed – purchasing and engagement decisions. 

This interaction with your education can then become the beginning of someone's buying journey, which can lead to tangible value for your business in the future. 

Because from this place of knowing and understanding, people get to decide whether they:

  1. Join you in your mission
  2. Buy from you and your business
  3. Engage with your brand, including sharing your content and advocating for your cause.

And if it’s ‘no’ to the above, it:

  • Repels the people who were never going to be on board anyway
  • Provides an opportunity for people for the maybe-ers to hang around and learn from you. 

Not every brand prioritises educating their market, that’s true. But for those of us wanting to create change? I believe it’s one of the most important things to do.

Sharing your perspective and beliefs isn't just another day of posting from your content calendar.

It's not about simply sharing your mission statement.

And it's certainly not about naming the values you picked for your business through a brand strategy (because, remember, anyone can say those are their values).  

It's about articulating a vision for the future, showing how your business is contributing to that future and asking other to join you for the ride.

Then, with the collective power of that community, my friend, is how we can have the strength to create waves in our own little corners of the world.

Now tell me, what are you going to start sharing louder and prouder?

Let me know in the comments below.

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